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The Garden House Studios ... Martin Coe ... Nicola Coe

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The Garden House Studios

Martin Coe ... Nicola Coe

Exhibition of works from the past year ...

Husband and wife artists Martin and Nicola Coe live in Hasketon, just outside Woodbridge where they both work from their own studios in the garden.

Both will be showing a range of works.

Martin uses drawing as his primarily way to make his images.

He works with a range of media which includes charcoal and pencil on both a large, and small scale. Some of the work is drawn on location whilst other pieces are built up from studies. After a break from painting Martin has begun to use oil paints again producing work which reflects his relationship with the Suffolk environment and surroundings. The paintings often deal with different views from the drawings, as each process calls for a differing response and working process.

Nicola is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Working with contact printing techniques, natural dyes and home made oak gall ink she makes a variety of paper works and artists books, along with a range of wearable art ‘foraged’. Working from nature, foraging in garden and landscape for keepsakes of memory such as feathers and leaves, her work attempts to evoke a sense of looking more deeply at the beauty of nature and in so doing perhaps encouraging us all to protect and cherish our environment a little more...