Frequently Asked Questions


What size is the gallery and can I see a floor plan?  Yes - please click here to view a plan and dimensions.

Normal gallery opening times are 10am - 5pm  seven days a week. Can I change these for the period of my Exhibition?  Yes you can. If you do it is important to let us know with your booking details so that we can display the times with your exhibition information.

Will I or my deputy have to be on site during all opening hours?  Yes - We do not staff the gallery and security will be your responsibility.

How will I hang my paintings? The gallery has hanging rails at two levels to accommodate all size paintings. Paintings are hung with picture hanging hooks provide by us.

Is there any furniture? There is a table 2.50m long,  2 Chairs,  2 Armchairs,  Several blocks ; 3 @ 30x30, 2 @ 30x30x60, 1@ 30x30x90, 8 window easels and 2 standing easels.

Can I attach labels to the walls? Yes but only with Blue Tack please. Sticky tape, nails or pins are not allowed.

How will I light my paintings? The gallery has a fully adjustable rail lighting system that can be adjusted to suit the exhibition.

How will people know about my exhibition? This is up to you. We suggest that you create a mailing list and inform as many people as you can about your show. You can also invite a selection to your opening night.

How will my show appear on the Artspace website? With your booking please supply a good quality photograph of a selected artwork together with up to 100 words of text which we will upload onto your specific artist page.

Does Artspace have credit card payment taking facilities. No - But you can arrange this for yourself through your own phone.

Is Wifi available in the gallery? Yes

Can I supply drinks and nibbles to visitors? Yes you can. A kitchen with fridge is attached to the Gallery.

What about cleaning? The gallery will be clean when you arrive and we would appreciate it if you leave it as you found it.

What about insurance? Insurance of your artworks and possessions while in the gallery is your responsibility.