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An exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography by;

John Barker - Gus Farnes - Gill Plummer

John and Gus work from Butley Mills Studios located at the foot of Butley Creek. 

Set in an ‘old time’ landscape, unified by the rhythm of the tide the creek breathes twice a day, inhaling water surges along its channel, bringing with it new life, it exhales. Retreating water leaves behind the old life, silt.

We live in a time dominated by instant gratification, likes, fast-paced fashion and influencers, the silt of tomorrow. This new life seems to run faster, broader, but it appears to run less deep. In its search for new channels it fills the old channel with debris, bursting its banks, flooding lowlands, isolating highlands, losing its central direction and purpose. 

It is time to re-cut the old channel and dig deeper than ever before, moving the silt downstream.

Artspace WOODBRIDGE  11 - 17th July | PV 11-07 6-8PM

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