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Carol Pask, Cyndi Speers & Gillian Plummer


Carol Pask

Carol is a ceramic artist working in stoneware and porcelain, combining traditional methods to create sculptural pieces, which are often fused with metal, wood or slate. Shapes and images are distilled into non-representational interpretations with just the essence remaining in the finished sculptural work.

Gillian Plummer

Gillian’s images are ‘intricate, truly original, arresting, and never to be forgotten’. She is a photographer who looks for art in the natural world. Nature for her is the spirit of life and she is truly inspired by it.

Cyndi Speer

Cyndi is greatly inspired by the beauty of landscapes, and the nature that is within. Her technique of wide brushstrokes that are overlain with finer, delicate details, together with the inclusion of patterns have often been described as being ‘dreamlike’ and ‘surreal’.

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